Care of cashmere

Cashmere: A Precious Textile that Loves Water

Cashmere is a natural fibre derived from the soft, fluffy fleece of the cashmere goat, renowned for its exceptional softness and insulating warmth. One of the surprising things about cashmere is that, contrary to popular belief, it loves water. In fact, the more you wash your cashmere jumper from the outset and regularly thereafter, the longer it will last. If pilling appears, don't hesitate to remove it, so regular care will ensure the longevity of your favourite jumper.

Care for your Cashmere Sweater with our special shampoo

To wash your cashmere jumper effectively by hand or machine, we recommend using a special cashmere shampoo. This type of shampoo is specially designed to gently clean wool fibres without damaging them, keeping them soft and shiny. Add a small amount of Mahogany shampoo to a basin of cold or lukewarm water (no more than 30 degrees) if you're washing your cashmere jumper by hand, or one or two capfuls in the detergent dispenser if you opt for machine washing. There's no need to add fabric softener, Mahogany's special cashmere detergent will do the trick.

Unpilling a Cashmere Sweater with our Anti-Pilling Wooden Comb

Pilling is a natural phenomenon that can occur with cashmere in areas of friction. To remove the pilling from your cashmere jumper, use our anti-pilling wooden comb. This comb is designed to gently remove pilling without damaging the fibres. Simply run the comb gently over the affected areas, taking care not to pull or stretch the fabric. We suggest you do this before or after each wash, if necessary, and you'll find that over time the pilling will disappear for good.


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