The best quality cashmere yarn

2 ply, 4 ply, 6 ply, 12 ply... How to decide which one?

The thickness and the weight of the cloth or any item in Cashmere wool depends on the number of ply used for weaving. For the same process of weaving, the cloth you wear provides an extraordinary feeling of smoothness and softness from the Cashmere wool, according to the quantity of ply that is used for its weaving.
Basically, a pullover made with 2 ply is ideal for summer or springtime. And yet, its exceptional thermal qualities allow the wearing of it at any time in the year. Try wearing it in the winter with a windcheater and feel warm and snug. For the same thickness, a Cashmere wool pullover is much warmer than one made from sheep wool.
A pullover made with 2 ply represents the largest share of the market. The main reason is the fact that the price is cheapest (the more ply you use, the more expensive it is). The other reason is that the possibility of finding thick pullovers is quite rare. As for us, we offer you a wide range of this kind of cloth from 6 to 12 ply for winter and autumn.
A pullover made with 4 ply is as thick as a regular and classic woollen jersey. This mid thickness may be preferred by people doubtful of the cloth's thinness, especially the men. It can be used without a vest or a jacket as an inter-season top in mild weather when there is no wind.

The quality of the Mahogany Cashmere wool.

In order to manufacture the highest quality of Cashmere wool, it is important to use the longest and finest hair from the she-goat. It is only with these thin strands that the best weaving can be done, ensuring the production of the softest wool. The best technique for this process requires the splitting of 60% of the fibre made by the she-goat. The quality of the Cashmere wool can be fragile if a non restrictive sift is made. If this occurs, the quality of the material can not be guaranteed, and mid priced Cashmere wool may be produced. However, the high price of the wool is not the only factor that goes into a quality product. Indeed, exceptional products can be found within Mahogany’s range at reasonable prices. Whereas, other manufacturers have been known to inflate prices merely based on the fact that products are made of cashmere.

At Mahogany, all our items are made with the same quality selection of Cashmere and Pashmina wool. We use hair with a diameter of 0.0155mm or less when compared to human hair (0.075mm) or good quality sheep’s wool (0.02mm to 0.022mm) the hair we use for manufacturing is extremely thin.

The hair used must be at least 34mm in length for weaving thin and resistant threads. 1kg of Cashmere wool will make a thread weave of 28km long (a thread of 8km in length will be adequate to weave a pullover made of 2 threads for a medium sized male shirt).

Trust in one of your 5 natural senses by choosing one of our many cashmere products and feel this soft and magnificent material.

What influences the price of Mahogany Cashmere wools ?

Some people have been surprised by the low prices of our products. These individuals may even be suspicious as to the true quality in the production of our garments, especially when they consider the high prices of other items on the market (which sometimes reach up to double the price). The low prices that we are able to provide to our customers can be explained by our relatively low overheads. Our business is not that of a vast bureaucratic system, we do not need to deal with large store chains, or to invest in large advertising budgets. In real terms, each purchase that our clients make contributes to lowering the cost of raw materials, production, and the whole design and research process.
If any prospective customers are still not 100%% convinced that the price of our products will reflect the quality that we assert, then samples can easily be provided (refer to "Why not get a free sample?"). Also, if any products do not meet the complete satisfaction of our customers for any reason, we are committed to exchange or refund purchases made.

Ethics and environment.

The industrial process of the whole range of our products refers to the international convention in respect and care of human values and morality, as well as forbidding any employment of children anywhere in the world.

Each of our items is treated "ASO FREE". This means that colorants used for our products are free of any hazardous substance that may deteriorate health and environment.

The best quality cashmere yarn
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