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Premium selection: ladies' premium cashmere sweaters

If you love noble materials, then this collection's perfect for you! The Mahogany Premium garments such as the ladies' premium cashmere sweater, the poncho and scarf are of exceptional quality! Cashmere is the ultimate in luxury and vicuna is the softest, rarest fabric that exists.

Treat yourself to ultimate luxury with our ladies' Premium cashmere collection!

As a specialist in highly-affordable premium-class cashmere and other noble materials, we wished to enhance the selection of items we offer you even more. Our Premium collection invites you into the world of ladies' cashmere sweater connoisseurs. Take the plunge… you’ll never look back!

We've created premium ladies' sweaters and other amazing items with exceptional incredibly-soft materials. You'll discover the world’s softest cashmere. The hair boasting a 14.5-micron diameter and a 36-mm length is on a par with the standards of a few of the most select world-class brands. As is forever-customary at Mahogany, the hair is ultra-white, which means our fibres are never artificially bleached.

Choose your favourite premium ladies' sweater: V-neck, round neck, roll neck... You'll definitely find something to delight you among these amazing items.

Premium vicuna cashmere sweaters for ladies from Mahogany

We're delighted to present exclusive items to you made from top-quality vicuna cashmere as part of our Premium collection! Imports of this fleece are ever-so rare and only a few world-class fashion houses offer it.

The vicuna’s coat is so fine (12 microns) that purists refer to it as a fibre rather than wool. Its fibre is much finer and softer than baby alpaca and cashmere. This makes it the ultimate material for creating our ladies’ premium cashmere sweaters. You'll be enchanted with this divine material, whether you choose a premium sweater, a scarf, or even a cape. Indulge in this luxurious material and join the world’s greatest connoisseurs!


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