Cashmere for ladiesBasic sweaters at low prices

Discover our basics cashmere jumper collection at amazingly cheap prices!

Mahogany, cashmere specialist for over 15 years now, proposes a 2-ply cashmere collection at highly-attractive prices. A selection of our basics, designed exclusively for you, offering incomparable great value for money, an invitation to benefit from amazingly cheap prices all year through.

Mahogany cheap 2-ply cashmere jumpers for ladies!

The ply corresponds to jumper yarn thickness; 2-ply cashmere corresponds to standard thickness, which can be worn throughout the year; it’s the most common cashmere on the market. A cashmere jumper will be much warmer than a sheep’s wool jumper of identical thickness, thanks to its isothermal and insulating properties.
All our cashmere jumpers are woven with yarn specifically selected for its quality. Mahogany proposes jumpers made with high-performance cashmere hair with a thickness of 15.5 microns for some jumper models and 16.3 microns for other items in this category.
Our aim? To offer you premium-class cashmere jumpers which are gentle on your skin and on your purse!

Cheap 100% cashmere jumpers for ladies

How can we propose such attractive prices on cheap ladies’ cashmere jumpers?
It’s easy really… Mahogany is a small human-sized business, so the money you spend is almost exclusively intended to cover the material, manufacturing and creation costs. As your purchase does not finance a major chain of stores or substantial advertising budgets, we can reduce the selling price margin and offer you low, fair prices.
So, buying a cheap high-quality ladies’ cashmere jumper or men’s cashmere jumper from Mahogany is totally doable.
Our jumpers, available in many different sizes and colours, offer you ultimate softness, pure comfort and a maximum of style! V-necks, round necks, roll necks, cardigans, tunics… our models tailor to your needs and desires. Whatever your style, whatever your shape, our up-to-the-minute, timeless 2-ply cashmere jumpers are made to fit. Our perfectly-tailored cheap ladies’ cashmere jumpers with their ingeniously imagined finishes and details will make you feel beautiful, stylish and incredibly feminine.
Why wait? Discover them now!


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