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The ultimate women’s cashmere cardigan selection
by Mahogany

Take a look at our delightful ladies’ cashmere cardigan collection! Available with a V-neck or round neck, buttoned or zipped... Give in to our luxury ultra-soft-touch cashmere! Wide choice of colours and fast delivery!

About our women’s cashmere cardigan: The raw material

From selecting the goats through to delivery, including manufacturing, we focus on quality.
The best cashmere comes from herds in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, the Chinese province. To combat the extreme cold that reigns in these regions, the goats produce a duvet which is collected in the spring. To get this unrivalled softness, we only select the highest quality duvet. We only use the longest and finest strands for our women’s cashmere cardigan selection and for all of our other collections. Proof of quality: selecting the whitest hair means that we avoid all bleaching processes.

How our cardigans are created

The models are designed every year by our in-house designer. This way, we can offer you an elegant selection of styles and finishes in the "women's cashmere cardigan" section. You will find your exquisite women's cashmere cardigan with V neck or round neck, in different thicknesses and different colors.
Give in to our basics and our fantasy models!

Cashmere: High-end manufacturing is also a human affair with us

Since the very beginning of our adventure, our ladies’ cashmere cardigan collection has been made in Nepal by our partner. This family company convinced us, not only with its know-how in working with cashmere, but also with its human commitment to its teams and their families. In fact, Mahogany attaches great importance to human relations, for its in-house team and for its partners.
In our workshops in Nepal, traditional technical mastery and high technologies are combined to produce the best cashmere. Each women’s cashmere cardigan is knitted individually on a machine, like our other items.


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The best quality cashmere yarn
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