The essential cashmere shawl!

Why should you give in to our stole collection? Because it's impossible to resist such softness and elegance! Available in different sizes and colours, in 100% cashmere, in a silk blend, alpaca, and also in unique and luxury vicuna!

The cashmere shawl – a winter accessory?

Contrary to what you might believe, a shawl is not just a winter product! Depending on the fabric or thickness chosen, your cashmere shawl will also accompany you when the weather is fine. Select a model in delicate cashmere and silk blend or a 100% two-ply cashmere model to wear all year round. Find your favourite colours for your shawl and warmly and elegantly accessorise your outfits!
Opt for one of our splendid 4-ply shawls to tackle winter with class. You will be warm in one of our soft items: stole, scarf, shawl or pashmina. Our smart and stylish selection available in different fabrics is sure to appeal to you.

Are you already a big fan of cashmere? Then you will also love our sumptuous shawls in baby alpaca and in yak. Don't forget also our majestic items in vicuna, delivered in a luxury wooden gift box!

Where does cashmere come from? – A little bit of history and a few technical facts

The word comes from "Kashmir", the most northerly region of India.
It is here that the goats that produce this wonderful duvet traditionally lived. The best cashmere is today harvested from herds living in Mongolia, on the harsh heights of the Himalayas.
This fabulous fabric was successfully exported in the 17th/18th centuries and became a sign of wealth. It is said that the Empress Joséphine, the wife of Napoleon, owned hundreds of cashmere shawls.

From breeding the goats to making the shawl, the process is long and delicate. It is only after three years that a goat can be combed to collect the wool which will be used to make your cashmere shawl! Meticulously sorted, only the softest, longest and finest hair is used for our silky Mahogany creations. Several goats need to be combed to collect the quantity of cashmere needed to make a single cashmere shawl!


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