This sweater is exclusively presented in the natural colour of the goats hair.
The cashmere hair used has not undergone any dyeing during the production process. This item is very close to being labelled organic. What prevents us from giving this an organic label is mainly the difficulty in tracing the source of the goat hair, which means the breeders often roaming and scattered over an immense region compared to the size of France, Germany and Italy combined, but we are currently working on being able to offer you a 100% organic cashmere collection very soon.
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The Essence of Natural Cashmere for Men

A natural cashmere jumper is a real wonder to wear. Made from goat's undercoat, the yarns of these jumpers are undyed, and each piece offers a palette of 5 to 6 different shades, corresponding to the goat's natural colours. These shades range from ecru to brown and beige, all slightly mottled. Each year's harvest can slightly vary these shades, adding to the uniqueness of each piece.

Authenticity and Quality: Beyond Organic

Although our natural cashmere products do not qualify for the 'organic' label at the moment, they do not contain any chemicals linked to dyeing. This in no way detracts from the superior quality of our products; on the contrary, it makes them a real asset for lovers of natural products. While we wait for this designation to become official, we prefer to remain transparent and honest with our customers about the qualification of these natural cashmere jumpers for men.

Identification of natural colours on our website

All our colours with the word "natural" in their title on our website are considered to be natural colours. For example, "natural brown" cashmere is a light mottled brown, and "natural ecru" reflects the lightest hair a goat can have. In our yak pieces, our jumpers in "natural brown" or "natural marmot" are also undyed. It will be even easier for you to quickly identify these pieces now that we have a dedicated category.


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