Style up for winter with your cashmere beanie

The cashmere beanie from winter through to mid-season... a can't-do-without for lovers of fine materials and style! From 4-10-ply, ribbed, one-colour or two-tone for women and men alike... Choose the cashmere beanie that's perfect for you!

Sail through winter with a cashmere hat

Out with mismatched outfits! Why wait? Add a scarf in cashmere and/or gloves to your cashmere hat before you place your order.

Here at Mahogany, you can match your cashmere beanie with gloves and a scarf in the exact same colour, as well as with a sweater or cardigan! Be inspired... go for a total look!
For creative souls: mix & match a whole range of colours with your cashmere bonnet to set off your outfit!

From excellent-quality yarn to the premium cashmere hat

Quality is the must-of-musts here at Mahogany, for all our items from cashmere sweaters through to cashmere hats. Every step in the manufacturing process is key so our focus is always placed on quality.

From the choice of ultimate-quality fibres to our manufacturing processes: nothing's ever left to chance. So, we're always able to offer you exceptional items in every collection, season-in, season-out. Our cashmere beanie's no exception to this rule.

Here at Mahogany, our cashmere comes from Mongolian goats from the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. To face the cold that reigns in these regions, the goats produce this fabulous soft, warm down. Once we've combed and meticulously sorted the hair, we select but the best: only the finest, whitest hair is used to fashion your Mahogany cashmere bonnet.

Our yak models are also worth a look. Yak is a material that's just as noble and soft as cashmere. Choose your favourite models from our different online collections. A range of highly-attractive colours. Fast delivery.


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The best quality cashmere yarn
Sizes from XS to XXXXL


Use our 24 hour express delivery service


hand made in Nepal


Up to 45 days for refunds / exchanges