This sweater is exclusively presented in the natural colour of the goats hair.
The cashmere hair used has not undergone any dyeing during the production process. This item is very close to being labelled organic. What prevents us from giving this an organic label is mainly the difficulty in tracing the source of the goat hair, which means the breeders often roaming and scattered over an immense region compared to the size of France, Germany and Italy combined, but we are currently working on being able to offer you a 100% organic cashmere collection very soon.
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The Elegance of Natural Cashmere for Women

The natural cashmere jumper reveals the timeless elegance of every woman ? Made from undyed goat's hair, it offers a palette of shades that evoke pure, authentic beauty. From bewitching ecru to deep brown to delicate beige, each colour is designed to sublimate every woman's natural grace, making her an icon of refinement in an ever-changing world.

A Respectful Softness for the Modern Woman

Ladies, by choosing natural cashmere, you are affirming your commitment to respectful, authentic fashion. Free from any chemical dyes, this cashmere wraps your skin in unrivalled softness, while maintaining an ecological conscience. If you're looking for luxury and integrity, this cashmere, close to being labelled "organic", offers you the best of both worlds.

Natural Colours, Revealing Femininity

Each shade of our cashmere is a celebration of a woman's diversity and uniqueness. 'Natural brown' offers enveloping warmth, while 'Natural ecru' radiates clarity and freshness. These subtle and delicate colours, perfect for wearing in winter as a total look or mid-season mixed with raw denim, are designed to reflect the inner beauty of every woman, accentuating her self-confidence and natural elegance.


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