Colourful Pashmina!

Are you looking for a quality Pashmina scarf in your favourite colour?
At Mahogany, specialists in luxury cashmere, men and women will find what they want. The range of colours in the Pashmina collection is extraordinarily wide and the products are incredibly soft.

The Pashmina – superior quality and traditional know-how

Why do you think this fabulous scarf is so successful? Surely thanks to the combination of three major factors: its softness, its lightness and the exceptional warmth it gives when worn.
The fibre is obtained from goats' hair. More specifically, it is the hair from the side of their neck, where it is soft and fine. In fact, the cashmere duvet used for our Pashmina scarf is incredibly fine. Whereas a human hair is 40-100 microns, the cashmere duvet is just 15 microns thick.
Our Pashmina scarves are not only made from this exceptionally soft material, but they also benefit from genuine traditional know-how.
Our manufacturers, from a family originating from the kingdom of Mustang - a region between Nepal and Tibet - are exceptional specialists. Their family has been working with cashmere and making Pashminas for generations. Today, they successfully combine ancestral handicraft with the latest technologies - and our collections prove it. The looms in our workshops are traditionally manual and the tassel finishes are entirely knotted by hand.

A fabulous selection for the emblematic Pashmina

The Pashmina scarf is an essential stylish and warm accessory for men and women. It suits every style and will add elegance to every outfit over the seasons.
It is so fine that it could fit through a ring; this is why it is also known as “Ring-Pashmina”. It is woven in an extremely fine fibre: cashmere duvet. An absolute rarity: in the Mahogany collection, these pullovers are now available in this wonderful ultra-thin ply (60/2).
You are sure to find the one for you among the irresistible and wide range of colours proposed! Our selection of 2-ply Pashmina scarves come in two sizes: 201 cm x 71 cm and 204 cm x 92 cm. Choose the timeless classic in 100% cashmere or a blend with silk for colours that are brighter than ever!


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