Cashmere for menRound necks

Fancy a lightweight or chunky men's cashmere round neck jumper?

Did you know that men's cashmere round neck jumpers can be worn season-in, season-out? Wear a 2-ply jumper with nothing under it or choose chunkier, warmer models made with up to 10-ply yarn... And, while you're here, why not check out our exceptional cashmere duvet items!

Men's round neck cashmere jumper - vary your style!

Try out all kinds of looks by choosing different models from our men's cashmere jumper collection. You'll be amazed by the variety of models our creative teams have concocted for you this year! Discover our selection of 2-ply cashmere round neck jumpers as well as our chunkier 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-ply sweaters. 2-ply is considered as the "standard" weight which you can wear all year through. The higher the ply, the chunkier the jumper.
Without a doubt, you'll be enchanted by the variety our new collection proposes! But which style should you choose? The basic 2-ply men's round neck cashmere jumper is a simple yet elegant model. Wear it with a blazer at the office and with jeans at the weekend. For a more casual style, choose a cable-knit men's round neck cashmere jumper or one with stitch details or even a jacquard design.

Our range of men's round neck cashmere jumpers proposes buttoned and zipped models, with raglan sleeves, short sleeves, etc. Don't miss out on our fabulous models made from the exquisite cashmere duvet! Its incredible softness will definitely wow you...
What's more, here at Mahogany, our men's round neck jumpers are also available in other stylishly-attractive materials. Discover our items made with baby alpaca, Giza 45 cotton, yak and camel wool now.

Another bonus: our extensive range of colours for your cashmere jumper

Discover our men's cashmere round neck jumpers in a range of colours every year. Many of our models are available in all 38 colours! If your favourite colour is out of stock, we'll make a jumper especially for you in just a few weeks!
We use only the finest, longest, whitest yarn to make your men's round neck cashmere jumper. Using ultra-white yarn means we never need to bleach. This preserves the fibres’ natural splendour and is a positive step for the environment.


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