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Cashmere & Silk sweater: pure harmony of softness and lightness

Cashmere and silk rhyme with luxury and refinement. This exquisite alliance of two natural noble materials which are extremely soft to the touch, will ensure you look ever-so elegant on all occasions.
Discover our different silk cashmere sweaters for women, blending comfort and style. Must-not-miss timeless classics!

The wonderful harmony of women's cashmere and silk sweaters

The combination of cashmere and silk creates a delicate blend of softness and shine that will offer you warmth, wellness and pure style.
Even though silk is ultra-light and fine, it's super resistant. Thanks to its isothermal properties, it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.
It mixes incredibly well with other natural fibres such as cashmere, and its lightness gives the material a wonderful flowing drape. These superb natural fibres blend perfectly together to create highly-elegant, silky-touch materials which your skin will adore.
The radiance of silk emphasises the dazzle of cashmere, which provides natural warmth thanks to its insulating properties.

Women's silk cashmere sweaters perfect to wear season-in, season-out

Once you've tried them, our cashmere & silk sweaters will become a must in your wardrobe. Our cashmere & silk items, available in a wide range of colours, are great to wear on warm, sunny days and during chilly winter times under a chunky sweater.

Our women's cashmere & silk range includes garments which are both timeless yet modern and can be worn anywhere, anytime. Discover items made entirely from cashmere & silk, as well as 100% cashmere styles with special cashmere & silk blend details, such as a necklines, cuffs, sleeves or finishes.

Mahogany proposes premium cashmere and silk basics at highly-affordable prices, in every size, from sweaters to cardigans in cashmere, V-necks to round necks, whatever your style, whatever your shape. And, discover our cashmere & silk sweater collection for men in the Men's section.


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