NEW: A luxurious blend of cashmere and cotton, to wear just in time for summer.

An amazing fresh blend of cashmere and cotton which you will adore.

What is Giza cotton

Giza cotton is a high-quality cotton variety originating in Egypt, specifically in the Giza region, hence its name. It is renowned for its exceptional fibre length, strength and softness. These qualities make it ideal for the manufacture of high-quality textiles. The combination of a unique climate, fertile soil along the Nile, and careful hand-harvesting techniques contribute to the superior quality of Giza cotton.

Giza cotton: soft, strong and breathable

Giza cotton has several distinctive characteristics. In particular, it is known for its extra-long fibres, which give great strength and remarkable softness to fabrics made from this cotton. Giza 45 is characterised by its incredible fineness of 2.95 µ on average (human hair: 75 µ), and by its fibre length of over 36 mm. That's why we've selected it to knit our Giza cotton jumpers and T-shirts for women.

In addition, these long fibres allow better absorption of dyes, resulting in brighter, longer-lasting colours. Giza cotton is also highly breathable and offers excellent thermal regulation, making it comfortable to wear in a variety of weather conditions. Finally, its high durability makes Giza cotton a preferred choice for high-end textiles.

Giza Cotton and Cashmere: The Comfort and Freshness combination

Discover our collection of women's clothing in 100% Giza cotton and a cashmere and Giza cotton blend. These collections are perfect for mid-season and summer thanks to the exceptional properties of Giza cotton. Known for its softness and durability, this fibre provides an unrivalled feeling of comfort, while ensuring essential freshness on sunny days. Blended with the softness of cashmere, it creates a luxurious, comfortable garment for every woman. Cool like the best cotton, soft like the finest cashmere, it's a winning combination!


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